Monday Update: I’m Published

First, the most exciting news.

“Reserved for War,” episode 1 of Paradise Remnants, is available now on Smashwords and Amazon.

Over on my blog, I have a few thoughts about the release, as well as a few posts wrapping up my efforts from 2011.

The Final Story of 2011

2011 in Review

The First Steps on the Longest Walk of My Life

As always, Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch have a few helpful new posts up on their blogs. They’re the kind of “oh, okay” common sense posts that those who aspire to be career writers really need to read.

The New World of Publishing: Writer vs. Author

The Business Rusch: Writers: Will Work for Cheap

(Note: Major publishing money history and stats geekery in that second one.)

On a completely different note, it seems Wizards of the Coast is readying a new edition of D&D, and is looking for fan feedback. I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes on this.

Check out the story at

Finally, for those of you still considering goals and resolutions for 2012, here’re a few from writers for writers.

Konrath’s Resolutions for Writers 2012 (Particularly interesting to watch his trends change over the years.)

25 Things Writers Should Stop Doing (NOTE: Content warning for language.)

I believe that’s everything from this week. Once again, by the way, I’m published. Go buy my story. 🙂

P.S. Found an interesting article from the consistently impressive David Gaughran about the social reading site Wattpad. Check it out.

What’s Up With Wattpad?



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