Monday Update: Insights on Creativity

Well, it’s been a much busier week than last time. Quite a few pages to share with everyone, both from me and others.

First, I have a couple of posts over on that other blog with some updates on my journey.

Legitimacy Bred by Rejection

Creativity Bred by Pressure

Following that, here are some business/writing posts that I’ve found particularly pertinent lately:

David Farland’s Daily Kick in the Pants — The Long Road

Why Reader Taste Differs From Publisher Taste

The Tsunami of Crap

How Much is Your Fiction Worth?

The Freelancer’s Survival Guide — Giving Up On Yourself

A bit more varied, I’d say, than the usual Dean and Kris stuff, yeah?

Matt over at The Vanishing Blog has come out with his…

Film Anticipation 2012

…blog post. You should check it out.

And finally, l.e.yar continues to make trouble with her most recent blog post:

on faith / sex


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