WIP — 6 August 2014


Day 1 of writing SHOTGUN GUNSLINGERS, a post-apocalyptic adventure set in the world of the Botanical Crusades. Progress: 800 words in two hours of work this morning, which is abysmally slow for me, but I’m teaching myself Dvorak keyboard layout right now, which is eventually supposed to improve my speed in the long run, so it’s a bit of a slog right now.

If you’re curious about the Botanical Crusades, I currently have two stories set in that world — THE RED VAULT and A TEN-YEAR GOD — both of which went live on Amazon earlier this week.


Finished reading THE WEIGHT OF BLOOD by David Dalglish today. It’s the first book in his Half-orcs series, which is about as brutal as you’d imagine from a series of adventure fantasy books featuring half-orcs as the main characters. It taught me a lot about writing shorter, more pulpy action-adventure fantasy novels, rather than the multi-million-page tomes that I typically read.

Also started and finished watching KNIGHTS OF SIDONIA this evening. In short, I loved it. (Obviously, considering I marathoned the whole thing.) It’s basically an anime version of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, with a dash of PACIFIC RIM thrown in for good measure. Which is great, because I love both of those things. If this and ATTACK ON TITAN are any indication of what we’ll be seeing coming out of anime in the near future, you can color me excited. Highly recommend this series.

That’s it for today. Aiming to make more progress tomorrow, and maybe I’ll find more to rave about in terms of other people’s’ fiction.



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