WIP — 8 August 2014


Day 3 of writing SHOTGUN GUNSLINGERS, a post-apocalyptic adventure set in the world of the Botanical Crusades. Progress: 270 words in 30 mins, which is better than day 1 of using this new layout, but still a long ways away from the goal of 2500 wph that I expect to eventually reach with the improved efficiency.

It’s nice to have goals to strive for.

Anyway. Yesterday was a wash. Pretty embarrassing to fall off the horse on the second day when the whole point is to use this reporting as a motivational tool. No excuses either. Just let myself be distracted by less important things until I didn’t have any time left in the day. Same reason I don’t have more progress to report tonight. The only reason I got anything done at all, in fact, is that I didn’t want to miss two days of reporting in a row. So that’s some good progress made already, as far as I’m concerned.



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