WIP — 24 August 2014


Another day on SHOTGUN GUNSLINGERS, a name I’m actually getting kind of tired of because we still haven’t met the titular characters (so far as I know). Progress: 240 words in… 20ish minutes. Hard to say. Wrote sporadically on my breaks at work today.

Didn’t get any writing done yesterday. Our internet cut out for some reason, which is a fairly weak excuse, but I was going to spend time with friends and family anyway, so maybe it was all for the best.

That being said, I am suddenly aware of how close we are to the end of August. I’m nowhere near meeting my goal of five short stories written this month (obviously), but I’m also keenly aware of how much writing I still have to do to finish this current story, given my pace.

It also doesn’t help, of course, that the story continues to grow while I continue having fun with it. Not a problem in the slightest, but it does put off the eventual completion of the project, which I am eagerly looking forward to.

Until next time.



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