WIP — August 2014 Summary


Total new words of fiction: 4,505, all on SHOTGUN GUNSLINGERS.

Total days of writing fiction: 9

Total hours of writing fiction: 8ish

Average words per day: 500

Average words per hour: 560



This is an excellent example of intentions versus reality. My intention this month was to write every day; I didn’t even write every three days, much less every other day, much less every day. My intention this month was to write five short stories; I didn’t even finish one.

And yet, I can still celebrate. It is, after all, more writing than I was able to do in July. And now I have a baseline to compete against for September. I don’t think it’s going to be particularly difficult to beat, but let’s not get cocky.

The Dvorak keyboard is of course a point of some contention for me. On the one hand, I know for a fact that I would be writing twice as fast if I were using Qwerty still. And my proficiency with Dvorak still isn’t nearly to the pace where I can expect to match the Qwerty pace in the next month. But that’s where my expectations should have been set more realistically farm the outset. Rewriting two decades’ worth of muscle memory in a month was never going to happen, but when I put it that way, my progress seems much more remarkable. So I’m going to persevere with it and see if I can’t bring the speed up some more this month.



For September, I have three main goals for production.

1. Write every day and average 1,000 words per day over the entire month (which means, at the end of the month, my daily average should read 1,000).

2. Increase my Dvorak speed to an average of 750 words per hour.

3. Finish writing part 2 of THE LAST GOD (approximately 10,000 words of new material required; but given how accurate my estimates are when it comes to word counts, I’m going to guess this will stretch to 15,000 or even 20,000 as various plot threads materialize).

*BONUS!* Finish writing SHOTGUN GUNSLINGERS and write 2 additional short stories this month. Publish each of them.

That should keep me busy. All together, it comes to an estimated 50 – 70 hours of writing time for the month if I meet my bonus goal as well as my regular goals, depending on how long part 2 of THE LAST GOD turns out to be.

It’s a full plate, to be sure, but it actually ends up being about 2 hours of writing each day for about 1,000 new words of fiction, which is right on track with my first production goal for September. (Hooray for unified goal-setting!)

Here’s to a new month.



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