WIP — 9 September 2014


Another day on SHOTGUN GUNSLINGERS. We have long-passed the point where my outside enthusiasm for the project has faded. While I’m writing, I’m always enjoying whatever project I’m working on. But when my enthusiasm outside of the writing time has disappeared, it makes it so very much harder to get to the writing table. As such, I end up with long stretches (in my opinion) of no writing at all simply because I fail to motivate myself to sit down and Nike (“Just do it!”) It’s very unprofessional, and I’m making it a priority to fix it. In any case, today’s progress: 590 words in 30 mins.

Good news: pace on the Dvorak keyboard is increasing significantly. So that’s good.

Bad news: failed to write for a full hour today. Doing so each day would have this story done by the end of the week. Which would be lovely, because then I can move on to something different. Something not SHOTGUN GUNSLINGERS.



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