WIP — 12 September 2014


Actual progress on SHOTGUN GUNSLINGERS today. Finally reached the end of a very long, very expository scene. Not really sure what happens from here, though. At this point, I’m so far off my original map I’m in another time zone at least. So we’ll see what happens next and all be pleasantly surprised together when it all works out in the end.

Progress: 1730 words in 1.5 hours. So much better than back in August. I’m finally finding a comfort zone with the Dvorak layout, to the point where I’m making mistakes on Qwerty. It’s kind of the most annoying place to be in right now. I’m not fully proficient on Dvorak yet (still make a mistake on every other word or so, despite the increase in speed), yet I’m comfortable enough with it that going back to Qwerty wouldn’t actually be an improvement. Which means it’s all-in from here. I’ve passed some threshold of no return and/or some other ominous and portentous proclamations.

Point is, I’m getting faster on Dvorak. At a pace that I can see will ultimately end with me typing faster than I ever did on Qwerty. Huzzah.

Now, if only I could get myself to type more often. Then I’d really be making some progress.


I finished watching PSYCHO-PASS last night. Yes, another anime. And it was also very good. An entertaining neo-noir cyberpunk thriller with some fantastic world building. Maybe all of the elements presented have been seen before, but I’ve never seen them put together in such a way, and in the end it’s what you do with your setting (or story or characters or…) and not how “original” it is that makes a work stand out, be good/bad, endure, etc. Whatever term of quality you wish to apply.

Point is, I enjoyed it, in large part due to the setting. Highly recommended.

(At this rate, I’m going to have to start compiling a list of recommended anime or something. I mean, there’s ATTACK ON TITAN, KNIGHTS OF SIDONIA, FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST, and now this. Must go deeper!)



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