A Writer’s Book of Days – 1 July 2016

This is What Was Overheard

This is what was overheard on the way to the fall. A man spoke in rhyme and doomed us all.

We listened and repeated everything we heard, because a man came to captivate us with every single word.

With outrage and indignance we spread the words around. Some of us in support and some of us opposed.

Those with louder voices failed to use them well. The only thing they cared for was what they had to sell. And those of us who laughed and booed and cheered watched as our day of inaction drew near.

Anything seems impossible until it comes to pass. Then a thing seems inevitable, when so many things could have happened to prevent it.

Less attention derails any public work.

Less funding restricts any project’s options.

Less time forces prioritization and limits an idea’s scope.

Opinion without action is impotent. Action without consequence is flagrant. Consequence without temperance is reckless.

And sometimes shadows cast in shades of grey leave us unclear on which direction the light is coming from.


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