Meditation Monday – On Imperfect Beginnings

Every day is a chance to start.

Even when knee-deep in a project with no end in sight, you still have to make the decision to start.

And that start isn’t going to be perfect. It might not even be pretty. You aren’t going to have the right tools, the right vision, the right pace. It’s going to be more difficult and take much longer than you expect at the start.

But none of that is an excuse not to start.

“Do not let perfect be the enemy of good.”

It’s a common-enough saying these days. But I find it weak. Passive. Overly negative.

Instead, make this your mantra.

“Perfect is the enemy of good.”

Nothing is or ever will be perfect. But that does not excuse us from seeking to make things better than they are. To make them good enough.

But if you’re constantly waiting for perfection. The perfect idea. The perfect moment. The perfect team. The perfect feeling. The perfect whatever. Then you’re never going to start.

And not starting is the easiest way to continue living the same life you have now.



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