The full version of INTO THE SILENCE will be available in print and ebook later this week. You can find it at all major online retailers.

If you’ve been reading the book chapter by chapter here on the blog, then you already know what it’s about. If you feel so inclined to purchase a copy for yourself, you have my deepest thanks. But if you prefer to continue reading here on the blog, never fear, the final chapters will be posted throughout the rest of December.

For the rest of you, INTO THE SILENCE is a novel about a drifter at the end of his rope who signs on for a long journey through deep space with a group of total strangers. It’s a long-haul trucking drama, but in space.

Full book description below the fold.


11 People. 1 Ship. 500 Days in deep space.
What could possibly go wrong?

When Jack Warden runs out of luck, friends, and credit all on the same night, a mysterious stranger offers him a job hauling cargo on a realspace freighter.

Over one year in space, with an unsettling crew he’s barely met. And only a few hours to say yes or no. If he takes the job, there’s no guarantee he’ll ever see home again. Not that he has anything to miss.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that he’ll even survive the trip.

So begins a journey fraught with tension and uncertainty and populated by a memorable cast of characters.

If you want to read through here on the blog, Chapter 1 is here.

And again, you can now get the print or ebook version at all major online retailers.

To all of you who choose to give me your time, thank you. And I hope you enjoy the read.


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